Results of Spring 2022 Belize Trip

I have returned from Belize about a week ago, and am trying to get caught up on several things as well as coordinating speaking engagements and guests coming to visit.  I was reviewing what was accomplished by you, our supporters and am very excited to share with you where we are in Belize projects.

First, Jehovah Jireh Church (Pastor Benjamin Sanchez):  
I was asked to speak all three Sundays and the third Sunday took place outdoors where we had a baptismal service with three candidates for baptism.  I shared the meaning of baptism with the candidates earlier in the week and had the honor and privilege to share a message with the congregation and baptize the 3 individuals with the help of Pastor Benjamin.  That was certainly one of the highlights of the trip.  You can view parts of the Baptism Sunday on our YouTube channel at RefugeCMI.
The plastering of the inside of the church was finished and the front outside wall was also finished.  Windows should be going in this week.
Thank you supporters!

Second, we traveled to Southern Belize:
*We visited Belize Bible College where the radio station you helped get on the air is doing really well and just received approval to increase the power to reach even further.  Also checked out the electrical trades building where we provided funds to finish the building.
*We visited with Pastor Alfred Ramsey of Mt Zion Baptist Church where we completed a building project in 2019 (except for finish work).  Made a quick trip over to Placencia (20 minute boat ride) for a birthday lunch by the ocean).
*Traveled to Punta Gorda area to visit with Pastor Victor Hernandez of Toledo Faith Outreach Center & Dream Center.  I have been asked to share on a Sunday when I return in August.
*Traveled to Boom Creek to visit with some of Pastor Benjamin's family and friends (he grew up here as a child).  Also check out a church that is currently without a pastor.

As you can see, it was a full three weeks in Belize.

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