Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19-20

Missions is at the core of Refuge CMI's Mission and Vision.  Missions was the catalyst that brought about the forming of Refuge CMI in 2003 as an organization to reach the children of the world, the hopeless of the world, and the lost of the world.
Between 2003 and 2021 we hosted short-term mission trips to Kenya, Uganda, Haiti, Mexico, Belize and Guatemala.  
The teams did crusades, ministry to orphans and street children, construction projects, teaching in Bible schools and churches, feeding programs, and medical outreaches - see the pictures below.
NOTE: However, since 2020 our focus has been supporting pastors and projects in Belize, rather than hosting teams. 
For those who wish to join a team on a short-term mission trip, we suggest contacting one of the following  organizations:  
NW HAITI CHRISTIAN MISSION:www.nwhcm.org for Haiti trips
LIVING WATER TEACHING:www.livingwaterteaching.org for Guatemala trips
AFRICA, CARIBBEAN, USA, ISRAEL:www.prayingpelicanmissions.org  for multiple locations around the world

We still send equipment, clothing and supplies to our missionary friends in Mexico, pack and send shoeboxes to Guatemala, support feeding programs in Haiti and other locations in the world, building projects in Belize, outreaches in the USA, and so much more.  
We are always looking for those who would like to  invest in Belize, or Guatemala, or the feeding programs, or the shoeboxes.  
You can give on our GIVING page here.

Pictures of Refuge CMI on the Mission Field 2003-2019

Building A Platform in Mexico
Teaching Pastors in Kenya
Church Construction in San Ignacio Belize

Operation Shoebox

Every year we have been actively involved in collecting items and packing Christmas shoe boxes for  Operation Shoebox  in Central America.    In the 12 month period August 2021 to July 2022 we were able to pack and deliver 436 shoeboxes to Living Water Teaching to be shipped  to Guatemala for Christmas 2022.  This happened with the help of several individuals that packed shoeboxes throughout the year, and the youth group at Western Heritage Cowboy Church who packed the last 125 boxes before delivering them.  Numerous individuals donated items for the boxes throughout the yer as well.  For the next 12 months we have a goal to pack 500 shoeboxes for Operation Shoebox.

Would you join us?  You can help pack boxes if you are in the area, or you can send funds to Refuge CMI at 
www.refugecmi.org/GIVE, or you can travel to Guatemala on a shoebox distribution trip in December each year.

Let's Go on a Mission Trip!

2022-2023 Mission Trip Pics!

Below are 3 pictures from our 2022-23 mission trips to Belize
Belize Spring 2022
Jehovah Jireh Church
Belize Fall 2022
Jehovah Jireh Church
Belize Spring 2023

Missions Trips 2023

SPRING TRIP - April 11-30, 2023 - Up to 3 weeks
SUMMER TRIP - August 1-22, 2023 - Up to 3 weeks
CHRISTMAS TRIP - December 5-19, 2023 - Up to 2 weeks


21 Days - $995.00 + Airfare
14 Days - $875.00 + Airfare
    7 Days - $790.00 + Airfare

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Our Missionaries

Paul & Marcy  have personally supported these missionaries, and would like to introduce you to them. 
If you would also like to support them, 
you can visit their websites or send them an email.

Chuck & Robin Martinez

Aviation Missionaries to Guatemala
Paul & Marcy  have known Chuck & Robin for over 20 years and personally support them every month.  They are the real deal!

Roger & Carolyn Tomlinson

Missionaries to Mexico
Paul & Marcy have know Roger & Carolyn for 20 years, have traveled with them, and have personally supported them thru the years.

Jameson Titus

President of Christ for India
Paul & Marcy have known Jameson for about 10 years and have personally supported Christ for India  thru the years.  CFI is making an impact in India!

Bob & Rhonda Farley

Bob & Rhonda lead the Belize Bible College ministry.
Paul & Marcy have known them since 2019.   Refuge CMI contributed to installation of the tower for the college radio station that reaches into Guatemala!