We have partnered with CLSTG to bring to our friends and partners a way to acquire 
a theological degree without having to leave home or your ministry. 
You can accomplish earning your degree all online for a low tuition rate. 
We would love to come along side you as you work toward your degree to encourage you all along the way.
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We look forward to encouraging you  in your pursuit of a quality accredited ministry degree.

Accredited Online Degrees (Associates thru Doctorates)

 KINGDOM  education!

Other Training, Coaching & Consulting Resources From RCMI:

Certificates - Diplomas

You can take free (audit) online Bible classes, or,
 for a small fee you can earn a Certificate or
Diploma with Biblical Training! 
Click this link for more info:

Additionally, when you complete the Leadership courses with Biblical Training AND you complete 3 other Refuge CMI courses, you will also receive a Diploma in Christian Leadership like the one
to the right! 


To purchase books for the Biblical Training courses above, or for your personal study,  go to our BOOKSTORE button below, and enter
Biblical Training  in the search bar:


We offer Workshops and Classes on the mission field and locally for your entire church staff:
EMPOWERED: Lay Leadership
Spiritual Gifts Inventory
Uniquely You  (D.I.S.C. profiles with Spiritual Gifts)

Effective Teams
Welcome To Our Church
Mission Preparation

Personal Evangelism/Witnessing
Pastoral/Church Leadership


Gain Christian based insight on how to manage and grow in the most important aspects of your personal  life with:
Budget Coaching
Pre-Marital Coaching

DiSC Profiles
Spiritual Gifts Inventory
[Step into the YOU God has designed!]

We provide Church Leadership Consulting to build effective ministry teams in your church with:
Leadership Analysis & Leadership Coaching

Team Analysis & Building Effective Teams
First Impressions Analysis &
Making Your Church A More Welcome Place
for Guests

Information On These Programs

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Great Online Resources!

We found this website  (Bible  History  Online)  that is an unbelievable resource for Bible study.  It has online maps, Bible customs, charts, and a whole lot more. The website is a great resource for Sunday School teachers, pastors, students, and laymen who want to know the background of a passage they are reading or studying.  Click on the "Bible History" button below!
We have also included Bible Gateway for additional Bible Study.  Just click on the "Bible Gateway" button!

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