Vision For RCMI-SOM

 - To offer free or low cost Bible-based online training, and classroom training through RCMI School of Ministry, to pastors and leaders in the USA & Central America, who may not have the time or the funding to attend a Bible college; leading to a diploma or degree.

- To offer workshops to help ministry leaders be better equipped to minister in their local churches and communities in the USA & Central America.

Certificates - Diplomas

You can take free (audit) online Bible classes or you can pay a small fee for a Certificate or Diploma program through a partnership program we have with
Biblical Training 
Click this link for more info:

Additionally, when you complete the Leadership courses with Biblical Training AND you complete 3 other Refuge CMI courses, you will also receive a Diploma in Christian Leadership like the one to the right 
We offer ministry/Bible training in the classroom in Belize and Central Texas utilizing the Harvestime curriculum, which leads to a Diploma or an Associates Degree.
To purchase books for the courses above,  go to our BOOKSTORE button below, and enter
Biblical Training  in the search bar:


We offer Seminars/Classes on the mission field and at your local church for your entire church staff:
EMPOWERED: Lay Leadership
Spiritual Gifts Inventory
Uniquely You  (D.I.S.C. profiles with Spiritual Gifts)
Mission Preparation

Personal Evangelism/Witnessing
Pastoral/Church Leadership


Gain Christian based insight on how to manage and grow in the most important aspects of your personal  life with:
Budget Coaching
Pre-Marital Coaching

DiSC Profiles
Spiritual Gifts Inventory
[Step into the YOU God has designed!]

We provide Church Leadership Consulting to build effective ministry teams in your church with:
Leadership Analysis & Leadership Coaching

Team Analysis & Building Effective Teams
First Impressions Analysis &
Making Your Church A More Welcome Place for Guests

Information On These Programs

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Great Online Resources!

We found this website  (Bible  History  Online)  that is an unbelievable resource for Bible study.  It has online maps, Bible customs, charts, and a whole lot more. The website is a great resource for Sunday School teachers, pastors, students, and laymen who want to know the background of a passage they are reading or studying.
Click on the "Explore Bible History" button below:

Bible Study Tool

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